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Raising brand profile and driving website traffic – at little cost

Recently, we did some big picture reporting for a client who has worked with us for a number of years. During that time, we’ve done very little, if any, sponsored or paid activity to drive traffic to the site. Yet, the number of visitors to the site continues to grow at a very solid rate. How come? The answer is good quality content, that’s relevant and helpful to their target audience.

How do you increase traffic to your website?

The challenge 

Raise the brand profile without generating a lot of spammy, junk leads and with only a notional budget (less than £2,000).


Playing the long game 

We are big believers that good quality, relevant content, that’s written to be helpful to your target audience, always wins out. 

Can you do stuff in the short term? Of course! But if you do it in isolation (and by that we mean something like pay per click advertising that’s not part of a broader campaign) don’t expect it to build value in your brand or deliver lasting results. We call this instant gratification marketing, and it can become quite addictive. But it means you’ve got nothing to fall back on. There’s a reason that big companies invest so much in their brand.

So at a basic level good content is fundamental. You might lose faith, to begin with, and not feel or see the immediate ‘return on investment’. That’s understandable. But as these stats show, it does pay off.



The 2020 data shows user up by over 100%, and in 2021 that more than doubled again. It’s a similar story for page views. During 2021 we paid just over £1000 for some activity with a third party trade publication, this in itself delivered more than 6000 visits to the website (and explains the increase in other data such as the bounce rate – outside of the paid activity, this remained healthy and constant).

graphic showing website statsDid the client in question take a leap of faith? to a degree, yes. But the continued investment in good quality content is paying off. And the good news is that in 2022 the trajectory continues!