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A new chapter? Stand out from the crowd

If you’ve been made redundant (or are at risk), Angela Brown and Simon Gregory from GPS Return Recruitment held a webinar to discuss tips on building and leveraging your network and standing out from the crowd.

A new role or a new direction, get ahead

Are you a Marketing or Business Development professional who is looking for a new role? Perhaps you have been made redundant (or are at risk) and are thinking about starting up your own business? Or maybe you’re looking to return to work after a career break?

Founder of Meteoric Marketing, Angela Brown, hosted a webinar chat with Simon Gregory, a recruiter with a mission – to make it a normal part of anyone’s career to have a break and to easily return to work. Angela and Simon shared their collective insight to help you with things such as:

  • Recruiters and employers will spend between 3-6 seconds looking at a CV – how do you stand out?
  • How can you build your confidence and skills? What’s out there?
  • How can you continue to build and leverage your network? especially in a virtual covid world?
  • What do you need to do to set up on your own?

About Angela Brown:

Angela Brown is a marketing, brand and communications director with more than 20 years’ international experience. She spent 15 years working at PwC and two years ago left to set up her own consultancy, Meteoric. In this webinar, she’ll share the highs and lows, and what she wishes she’d done differently (there’ll be no sugar coating anything here!).


About Simon Gregory:

Yorkshire born and bred, Simon started recruiting in 2004 and has since recruited across Europe and Asia recruiting for some of the biggest companies in the world, from Google to GSK and HSBC to Shell.

Returning to Harrogate in 2015 he realised that, whilst there are a lot of recruitment companies out there, very few were prioritising the client’s or candidate’s needs above their own. Nor were they working hard to understand the people they were working with or to build trust. With that in mind, Simon set up GPS Talent Solutions with some simple goals in mind – to save clients time and money, to reduce their risk and to become a trusted recruitment partner. Since then GPS Return was born and although the goals remain the same, he has committed himself to a new mission – to make it a normal part of anyone’s career to have a break and to easily return to work.


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